Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Decades of Fashion: 1950s

In my opinion the 1950s were some of the most exciting times in modern fashion.  Designers really knew how to create the perfect womanly hourglass figure, some of the most clever and flattering clothing of the 1950s still inspires a hell of a lot of todays fashion.

My favourite things about the 50s

Pencil skirts

Swing skirts

Petticoats and underthings

Peter Pan collars + Shirt Dresses

Waist cinching belts

Bolero jackets + Gloves


source www.rokit.com.au


Full skirts, empire waistlines and flowing layers - source www.rokit.com.au

Monday, March 22, 2010

Trainwreck: How Shallow Is The World of Celebrity

In the world of celebrity stars can rise at rapid speed, then crash and burn in the blink of an eye.  Some have undergone multiple changes of appearance in order to keep up to a certain standard of beauty, while others have gone as far as plastic surgery procedures in order to correct or perfect.

At the other end of the scale, some celebrities have realised, (or perhaps unwillingly) that there is more to life than the size O and glamour.

Here I note some of the most public makeovers, surgeries and declines in modern celebrity culture.

Pamela Anderson

Probably the most famous 'boob job' of all time, Pamela Anderson was the peak of many male fantasies when she starred on Batwatch.  In her teen years she sported a dark perm, but later went on to become the bleached and bronzed Pammy we know and 'love'. During her success on Baywatch, she had the first several breast augmentations; she put them in, made them bigger, took them out, put them in and the cycle went on!

Marilyn Monroe

Born Norma Jean Baker, a peroxide hairdo, beauty spot, and a change of name sent Marilyn Monroe to superstardom, not to mention makes her a sex symbol and true style icon.

Heidi Montag

Arguably the most publicly documented complete body and face makeover, Hills 'star' Heidi has had two breast augmentations, nose rhinoplasty, chin reduction, liposuction, lip fillers, face fillers and a mini brow lift to name a few; mostly all in one surgery sitting.

Michael Jackson

Of course I couldn't not mention the king of change (or was that pop?) Michael Jackson.  Where to begin?  He only ever admitted to two nose rhinoplasties, however just looking at him you can speculate much, much more.  From rumours of skin bleaching (an alleged skin condition), to surgery on his chin, cheekbones, lips, permanent makeup tattooing, wigs and more.

Amy Winehouse

She started out innocently enough with a healthy figure, glossy hair and a voice to die for.  These days she is the epitome of the phrase 'train wreck'; tattoos (not that there is anything wrong with them!), weight loss, sunken face, terrible skin, tangled beehives, to a recent boob job.

Britney Spears

She entered the celebrity world as part of The Mickey Mouse club in 1993, age 12, the little girl with the big voice and stage presence beyond her years.  She became a sex symbol and pop superstar at age 16,  las vegas shotgun wife for 55 hours in 2004, had her second marriage the following year, became a in 2006, divorcee that same year, bald nutter hospitalised for mental instability in 2007, washed up star by 2008, and try-hard comeback kid in 2009.