Friday, February 12, 2010

The Buzz: Queen Street Shopping, Croydon

If you haven't already, take a trip down Queen Street, Croydon.  Here you will find a hive of delights; vintage clothing and new, furniture, coffee, lunch and cooking classes.  What possible better way would there be to spend the afternoon?  My day today basically consisted of the following:

Hype and Seek @ 3 Elizabeth Street
Secondhand fashion and accessories, home wares and furniture, 60s-00s.

Azalia @ 5 Elizabeth Street
The home of the Azalia Jewellery Collection, this gorgeous flagship boutique store also houses quality vintage clothing as well as labels such as MINKPINK, Cameo and Evil Twin.
* Here I picked up two great bargains: a MINKPINK little black dress for $30 and a Cameo dress for $45 (down from $179!) - more on that later!

Queen Street Cafe @ 12 Elizabeth Street
A blend of rustic and funky decor, with great coffee and bagels - but so much more in the way of continental cakes and pastries to choose from, as well as other savoury morsels... oh and a small Book Exchange!  Stop in for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea!


Mushroom Boutique @ 2 Elizabeth Street
Queen Street Pilates @ 7-9 Queen Street
One Small Room @ 6-10 Elizabeth Street
Curious Orange Hair Salon @ 4 Elizabeth Street
The Croydon Store @ 15a Elizabeth Street

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  1. Oooh!! Must check out Azalia! I love MinkPink :D

  2. Thanks for the info! Definately going to check out hype & seek :)

  3. No worries guys! Plenty more info on vintage stores to come!