Saturday, June 12, 2010

Decades of Fashion: 1940s

Once again I bring you an amazing decade in fashion!  The 1940s, or the Big Band era as it is often referred to, like the 50s boasted highly feminine full skirts, nylon and petticoats.  Music was a big influence, hence the appropriately named Swing skirts and dresses so popular in the decade.  

Wartime brought the need for utility clothing for women, we saw a peak in ensemble outfits and smart business attire.  Many historical accounts indicate that during the war textiles were quite scarce which led to a ban on evening dresses at one point; but we do know that it was very common for clothing to be rationed during this time.  Christian Dior is well known to have been a heavy influence over the "New Woman" look of the time.

Much like the current trends, there was a focus on shoulder details such as butterfly and banjo sleeves, zips became more widely used and 'sunburns' were becoming highly fashionable.  Hemlines became longer than previous decades, and waistlines raised to formerly fashionable heights.

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