Sunday, October 24, 2010

ANTM: The Shoot Shortlist 1

One of my many guilty pleasures lies in watching hours and hours of Top Model.  Be it Australia, Britain or grandmama America's Next Top Model, the most exciting part of any episode (apart from the makeover ep!) is well and truly the photo shoots.  Its a walking and talking encyclopaedic foray into the world of fashion photography, what to do, what not to do, and provides a whole heap of visual inspiration to boot.  Countless photographers have attempted to emulate the iconic and adventurous shoots conducted by world renown photographers on the shows.

Here are some of my all time favourite top model shoots in no particular order.

Cycle 13 - Bi-Racial shoot by Tyra Banks (2009)

Cycle 15 - Lucha Va Voom Wrestlers shoot by Eddie & Moshe Brakha (2010)

Cycle 9 - Great Wall shoot by Tyra Banks (2007)

Cycle 15 - Fallen Angel shoot by Anne Menke (2010)

Cycle 9 - Blazing Car in the Desert shoot by Trevor O'Shana (2007)

Cycle 14 - Vampire shoot by Sarah Silver (2010)

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  1. interesting... :)the wrestling shoot is peculiar, however!!